Stewardship Report and Appeal

Slide presentation with audio of Fr. Craig Dalferes informing the congregation of the financial status and future needs of St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, in Houma, Lousiana
Stewardship Report and Appeal

Open House at Saint Matthew's Episcopal School, on December 13th, 2018, Starting at 8:30 am.

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Open House at Saint Matthew's Episcopal School, on December 13th, 2018, Starting at 8:30 am.

Worship Schedule

Please join us for a celebration of the Holy Eucharist each Sunday at 10 am.  We are located at 243 Barrow Street, Houma, LA 70360.  Child care and Sunday School is provided.

Coffee and refreshments are available at 9:30 in the Parish Hall before worship, as well as immediately after the service.  We enjoy our time of fellowship and hope you will join us.

The last Sunday of each month features a children's homily, where Fr. Craig Dalferes addresses his sermon to the children. This is always great fun.  We enjoy including the children in our worship, and are delighted to have them involved at St. Matthew's!

Most Wednesdays at 5:30 pm, there is a 30-minute "Healing" Service where a special blessing is offered and anointing with oil of unction  (if desired) is available at Communion.

For additional information, please call the St. Matthew's Church Office at 985-872-5057 or use our request form.

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Digital Service Concordance

Sunday Service Bulletins — Available Here

For those that have difficulty in holding books or paper or would rather use their digital device to follow along with Sunday Service, a full bulletin is provided in digital form, including readings and songs.

Donations to St. Matthew's Church may securely be made Here
Please Donate to St. Matthew's Church and Missions

Community Calendar Information

The Community Calendar is available through our Mobile App or the link below.

For specific and special events, please visit the SMEC Calendar of Events.

You may submit your even through the website or by emailing

St. Matthew's Mobile App

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St. Matthew's has a Mobile app available at the Android and Apple App Stores. You can find out more information about the app here.

The St. Matthew's Houma Mobile App contains all the information from this website as well as content from Facebook.

To list all the capabilities of the App would take too much ink on my quill.  Wait no more-- download the St. Matthew's Houma Mobile App and begin your techno-religious journey!

Android App available on Google Play here.

iPhone/iPad App available on Apple's AppStore here.

A collaboration of the SME Technology Guild and The Church Solutions Company.